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Ghost Pine Pollen - Raw and Wild-Harvested

Ghost Pine Pollen - Raw and Wild-Harvested

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Over 95% of pine pollen found online is from China where it is mass processed in facilities that microwave the pollen to crack the cell wall. Although this may increase the absorption of nutrients by 15% it also removes the pollen's natural defense layer and the product immediately begins degrading.

Unlike most of the pine pollen on the market, our pollen is always raw and optimally-stored to deliver the freshest product to our customers. It is minimally processed to separate high-quality pollen from pollen catkins.

Ghost Pine (Pinus sabiniana) is a California species of pine endemic to the California Floristic Province; a biodiversity hotspot. This pine tree is also known as foothill pine, bull pine, and gray pine. It grows in some of the most inhospitable environments in California: low foothill and chaparral ecozones. This habitat often has poor soils, minimal moisture, and very hot, dry summers. This conifer grows where no other conifer will and it thrives! Often as wide as it is tall, Ghost Pine drops literally tons of pollen on otherwise nutrient-deficient soils every spring, fertilizing the landscape with its natural plant androgen.

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