Grown in America

At American River Pine Pollen our pollen is exclusively harvested from varying elevations of the Sierra Nevada in Northern California.

At American River Pine Pollen we believe in:


All of our hand-harvested pollen is minimally processed, the way nature intended it. We never crack the cell wall and we exclusively store our pollen in cold temperatures to preserve its freshness.


Pine pollen is a sustainable agroforestry product. An individual tree can produce up to six million grains of pollen per season. And the National Forests of the American River Watershed can produce 26 million quarts of pine pollen per day during peak season (if you can capture it).


To preserve the purity of the pollen and its endocrine-balancing benefits, we exclusively store and package all of our pine pollen products in glass containers only.

Most Pine Pollen

The majority of pine pollen on the market is sourced from Masson Pine in China, where common practice is to microwave the raw pollen to mechanically crack its cell wall. They crack the cell wall so the pollen can be processed on the warehouse floor and not fly away! Gross!

Once the cell wall is cracked, pollen begins losing quality. The cell wall is what allows the pollen to stay viable and protect its freshness.

Taste of Place

We believe in the concept of terroir. When you consume the wild foods of a place, you are connecting with its energy, essence, and strengths.

The American River Watershed is a special place in Northern California where granite mountains meet the golden valley, and the plant biodiversity is abundant.

We’re excited to share this unique terroir with you through our wild-harvested products.


Pine pollen is a completely sustainable resource, with pine trees dropping literal tons of pollen every year.

Our pollen is hand-harvested from the catkins on the lower branches of wild pine trees in healthy forests.

Pine trees are home to many creatures, so we do our best to act as stewards of the land by leaving untouched any catkins which are already inhabited.

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