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Ponderosa Pine Pollen - Raw and Wild-Harvested

Ponderosa Pine Pollen - Raw and Wild-Harvested

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Over 95% of pine pollen found online is from China where it is mass processed in facilities that microwave the pollen to crack the cell wall. Although this may increase the absorption of nutrients by 15% it also removes the pollen's natural defense layer and the product immediately begins degrading.

Unlike most of the pine pollen on the market, our pollen is always raw and optimally-stored to deliver the freshest product to our customers. Our Ponderosa Pine Pollen is sustainably hand-harvested at mid-elevations in the wilds of the American River watershed. It is minimally processed to separate high-quality pollen from pollen catkins.

Ponderosa pine (Pinus ponderosa) is a species of pine that grows throughout the western part of North America and it is the most widespread species of pine on the continent. In the American River watershed ponderosa generally grows from 2000-6000 foot elevation. It is a towering, majestic tree with puzzle-piece bark, jumbo-sized pollen catkins, and large pine cones.

The forests that this pine reside within rely heavily on the tree to keep the ecosystem strong. Every spring literal tons of plant fertilizer in the form of pollen is released into the air and much of it finds its way to the forest floor where it nutrifies the poor soils and helps other species of tree and shrub grow. Without this pollen, the oak, manzanita and other plant species who provide so much to the base of the food web would be less vigorous and the entire ecosystem would suffer.

Ponderosa pine is an integral member of its habitat that helps balance the nutrients of its ecosystem with the phytoandrogens found in its pollen.

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